PCSO investigates deputy-involved shooting in Lakeland

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a deputy-involved shooting in Lakeland.

According to the preliminary investigation, at around 7:20 p.m. on Monday 25-year-old Neil Bourcy of Mulberry stole a dark color Dodge Nitro from a business on Old Tampa Highway in unincorporated Lakeland. He then drove the stolen vehicle to the area of Ruby Street in Lakeland where he abandoned the car near a park in the area.

According to witnesses, Bourcy entered a residential community, began banging on the front doors of several residences, and unsuccessfully attempted to steal a vehicle at one of the homes.
Bourcy then went to another home where he again attempted to steal a vehicle. When the home owner refused to give Bourcy the car keys, Bourcy cut the homeowner with a knife. The victim is in stable condition at a local hospital. The Lakeland Police Department is investigating the stabbing.

Bourcy then went Josephine Street in Lakeland where he stole an unlocked Lincoln MKX.

At around 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday, February 1, 2022, during the course of the investigation, deputies located the stolen Lincoln MKX on US 98 and CR 540A in Highland City. The vehicle turned northbound on Combee Road and deputies followed while communicating with other units their direction of travel.

Bourcy drove the stolen vehicle to the area of Denver Street in unincorporated Lakeland, where he abandoned the vehicle after it became stuck in the backyard of a residence.
The PCSO aviation unit located Bourcy in a residential back yard and directed 31-year-old Deputy Sheriff Christopher Warren to the suspect’s location. Bourcy fled from Deputy Warren.
The air unit advised Deputy Warren to “Use caution. He just did something with his waistband. Use caution.”

Bourcy told Deputy Warren that he had a gun, and shortly afterward he pulled a black object from his pocket and pointed it at Deputy Warren.
Deputy Warren shot Bourcy six times then immediately began life-saving measures. Bourcy was transported to a local hospital where he is being treated for his injuries.
Detectives located a black cell phone and a box-blade style knife next to Bourcy.

Deputy Warren was uninjured.

“Once again this shows the dangers that deputies face every day. By stating he possessed a gun and then pointing and unknown object at my deputy, Bourcy chose this outcome. My deputy did exactly what he had to do at that exact moment in time to protect himself and others from this violent criminal.” – Grady Judd, Sheriff

Bourcy’s previous criminal history includes 9 physical arrests, including 8 felonies, and 8 misdemeanors. His previous charges include: robbery, assault, harassment, burglary, DUI, various drug possession charges, and probation violations. He also served a prison sentence in Florida State Prison.

Deputy Warren was hired as a deputy sheriff in December 2020. He served three years as a police officer with the Bartow Police Department. Per agency protocol he will be on administrative leave with pay during the initial phase of the investigation.

Standard protocol for all deputy-involved shootings includes three independent investigations: PCSO will conduct a criminal investigation, PCSO Administrative Investigations will conduct an administrative inquiry, and the State Attorney’s Office will conduct a separate investigation.

The investigation is ongoing and charges are expected.

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