Wauchula family needing assistance after Hurricane Ian damage

Anthony Keen and his family lost their home due to Hurricane Ian, and have been fighting for assistance while living in a temporary RV. Their RV will soon be taken away as the assistance program is coming to an end, and need your help to continue having a home while fighting for the care they deserve.

Click here to visit their GoFundMe page.

We have been living in a state owned RV since March because of our house being unlivable due to damage from hurricane Ian. The program in which we have the RV is coming to an end but we have still not settled with our insurance company. We are waiting on the inspection from a structural engineer, have hired a public adjuster and are in the works of hiring a lawyer to continue to fight our insurance company. We are hoping to get enough money to be able to afford a cheap RV for our family of 5 to live in while we continue to fight.

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