Hardee Midday is a local, community-oriented, and independently-produced radio news show heard exclusively on Real Country 102.1 The Outlaw, 1310 AM, and 102.1 FM in Wauchula, Florida.  Following its origins, the show brings listeners local news, events, job openings, a detailed weather report & forecast, and information in agriculture, business, and sports.


Hardee Midday’s debut began on Heartland Country Favorites WAUC 1310, with Gene Davis as the host.  The show provided information on local family-friendly events and job openings from area businesses and audio reports on companies and sporting events.

The show’s primary sponsor is First National Bank of Wauchula, which felt that a radio show focused on community news & events was a vital part of a local radio station.  The show quickly gained community acclaim, and it would continue to air on its regular schedule: weekdays at 12:05 PM ET.

Transition to FM

Hardee Midday continued its regular run until early 2020 when WAUC began to rebrand to the name we know today: Real Country 102.1 The Outlaw.  Initially, programming constraints did not allow enough time for the show to air, so its hiatus began.  Schedule improvements throughout early-2020 would later allow for more programming options, and soon Hardee Midday would return to the airwaves, with a new host, new format, new logo, and the same great sponsors.

Programs added to Hardee Midday were shows from our new affiliate, the Ag Information Network: AgriBusiness Update, hosted by Bob Larson, and the Southeast Regional Ag Report, hosted by Haylie Shipp (formerly Maura Bennett).  SRN Sports and the Wall Street Business Report (formerly “SRN Business Report” and before, “SRN Business Brief”) would also return to the show.  The show introduced a dedicated weather segment, combining the noontime weather report and 2-day (3-day on Fridays) forecast.  Content is provided by various sources, including local TV stations, national news sites, city, county, and statewide Facebook pages, and more.  Finally, the show wraps up with a gag-a-day style approach: the “quote” of the day, which is usually a form of humor, sarcasm, or unlikely advice.

Hardee Midday ended its hiatus on June 29th, 2020.  Since its return, the series shares the same focus as its previous run: keeping the community first.

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